🔒 [APPLY TO ALL WEATHER & ANTI-CORROSION] Performs well even under the extreme environments as lock body, shackle & cylinder cover are made of anti-rust SUS304 stainless steel which is waterproof and is high resistance in rusty. 🔏 [ULTIMATE SECURITY] Protect your assets as with anti-pry double-ball locking against more than 4 ton pulling. This high security padlock with key is heel-toe locking with a freely rotating stainless steel shackle which leaves no weak spots on the locks and prevents attacks by cutting or sawing. 🔐 [STRONG & STURDY STRUCTURE] Both stainless steel lock body and shackle provide maximum corrosion protection during outdoor or indoor use. Special weatherproof anti-thief and anti pry disc cylinder make it perfectly suit your needs in high security. 🔑 **KEY CAN ONLY BE REMOVED ONCE LOCKED, Padlocks supplied Keyed Alike with 3 keys each. (Other options in sizes and keyed alike different are also available to suit your needs.)

KAWAHA 71/80KA-3K Stainless Steel D-Shaped Padlock with Key for Garage Door, Containers, Shed, Locker and Warehouse (3-1/8 inch, Keyed Alike – 3 Keys), Keyed Padlocks