Why Used Shipping Containers In Canada Are All The Rage

Shipping containers have become increasingly popular in US and Canada , for a variety of uses beyond just shipping goods. These versatile containers are now being used in a variety of innovative ways, from homes to underground bunkers. Our inventory includes a wide range of used shipping containers that can be repurposed for many unique applications. Let us share with you some of the lesser-known ways that shipping containers are being used today.

In-ground or Ground Pools:

With rising temperatures, many homeowners are turning to shipping containers as an alternative to traditional in-ground pools. They can be easily installed in the ground and connected to plumbing to create a swimming pool in just a week. The cost savings compared to a custom-built in-ground pool is significant.

Storage options:

A used shipping container can be repurposed as outdoor storage, providing much more protection than a lightweight shed. It’s durable and made of steel walls, which can withstand natural disasters like floods or high winds.

Mobile Storefront:

Hook up a shipping container to a trailer and you have a portable storefront that can travel directly to your customers. This is a cost-effective alternative to commercial property and can be used for a variety of purposes such as a restaurant, concession stand, or fruit stall.

Great Mobility:

When used as a storage container, shipping containers offer great mobility. They can be easily loaded onto a truck with proper machinery, eliminating the need for large moving trucks when relocating.

Urban Farming:

Shipping containers can also be used for urban farming by creating container farms with special lights and ventilation systems. This is an ideal solution for provinces like Ontario that are looking for additional space to grow food in close proximity to a growing population.

See our container inventory and get ready to be amazed at the endless possibilities of using shipping containers.