Shipping Container’s General information

What are shipping Containers?

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Shipping Containers are  the big still boxes which is especially designed to ship the cargo from one place to another visa ocean, rail or Truck. Shipping containers are essential in international trading, logistics, and shipping processes.  In the modern business era, 90% of the commodity or global trading activities move through these sea containers. A new shipping container or storage containers is often known as a one-trip container since it has only travelled the one time from the factory to our location in Canada and used Containers are used by shipping line by at least 2 years  or more. The average age of the used shipping are about 10 years. 


What are the Common Sizes of Shipping Containers? 

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The shipping Containers/ Storage containers  comes with the various size and Type. The common size of the shipping container is 20′ and 40′. However in Canada,  CP  railways uses the 53′ shipping container for their internal movement.  Those 20′ an
d 40′ containers comes with two different height,  standard which is  eight foot six inch tall ( 8’6”) and and Highcube (9’6″”) each of those container will be around 8 feet wide. 
 Beside this standard size, There are the mini sets of containers which is commonly used for the small storage purpose not for shipping. Those containers will be as short as 5 feet. 6′, 7′, 8′, 9′,  10′  are the common size of container within a mini sets sea cans. 
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